How does the speed warning thing work?


  • Menu > Set Warning Speed/Sound
  • Roll the digits to your chosen speed, i.e. 120, 050, 009
  • Buttons allow the warning to be turned on and off, and play a sound or not


  • Menu > Speed Warnings
  • Click + to add a new speed warning, or click on an existing speed warning to edit it
  • In edit mode choose the speed, if the warning is active or not, if the warning activates under or over the chosen speed, the colour to change the speed to, and if the warning sound is continuous, single or off
  • Tap the ‘Choose’ button and you have the facility to browse for and choose a custom sound file on the device


  1. Hi James great app . Just having trouble loading sound files for alerts (my problem is in BMW over speed to frequently)

    1. Hi, glad you like the app. Check that the app has permission to access the SD card (even if you intend to browse the internal memory for the sound file. Also, make sure the sound is enabled for the speed warning and that the audio channel volume is sufficient as that’s what the warning play through.
      Thanks for your support and if you have any more info that might help me find the problem please let me know. James.

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