Maximum values and precision

I saw a review of the free version of DigiHUD today that mentioned the maximum value of the trip counters. Here’s Ryan Scott’s review:

Really like this app and use it exclusively to accurately log mileage on my Dodge diesel to track mpg’s. I only give it 4 stars due to trip meters only reading in the thousands. I would consider paying for the pro version if the trip meters read higher.

I realised that it’s not in the description or the app itself what the maximum values are, for either the free or Pro version. It’s impossible to put everything that the app can do into the description because of the character limit.

Putting it all in the app itself is either too late (because it won’t be installed if you don’t know about some ‘killer feature’) or it just won’t be seen. Nobody wants to read a huge pile of text about what the app can do or how to use it, I get that, and apps should be intuitive and not need instruction manuals. You probably don’t want to see a huge window open when you start the app listing its features and giving instructions on how to use it.

Here’s a Pro screenshot showing how the values can be set to show greater precision and also the number of digits the trip counters can have. That’s a million miles/kilometres.

DigiHUD Precision

Trip counter showing optional leading zeros

It’s worth mentioning that the free version also shows some values to two decimal places when in landscape view.




  1. Does DigiHUD free or Pro display speeds over 100 mph or kph? I want to use it inside a vintage race car to show speed.

    Second, is there a function that allows me to track speed over time? Should I be stopped by an officer for speeding, it would allow me to show the recorded speed over the previous 10-15 minutes, defeating their claim of speeding.

    1. Hi, yes both versions will display up to 999 in all units.

      The Pro version allows you to log your journeys and records speed and location information which can be shown directly in Google Earth, if you have it installed, or exported in other formats.
      There’s a red circle, simply long-press it to start and stop logging. The circle will flash when logging is active.

    2. Hi, yes both apps can display any speed provided by the GPS service up to 999 mph/kmh/kits.

      The Pro version allows a journey to be logged when required and shows the speed at each GPS location (typically every second). The journey can then be exported or open in Google Earth if installed.

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