Features by app version

There are many features built into DigiHUD Speedometer, some of which are available to both the Free and Pro versions, some just to the Pro version.

0 to 999 speed indicationxx
Additional font xA slightly more rounded font has been added to the Pro version (hold the ‘A‘ icon for the popup)
Auto Day/Night switch at sunrise/sunsetx
Auto start/stopxStart/stop the app on power connected/disconnected. Only applies to the full-screen app, not window mode.
Average speed achievedxxStored until reset
Basic statistics screenxx
Battery level indicatorxxGreen unless < 30%, then shows red
Built-in simple Helpxx
Change display brightnessxx
Charging/on power indicatorxxElectric flash indicates connection to a power source
Clockxx12h or 24h depending on device setting
Custom background coloursxChoose any colour you like for the background
Custom font colourxxChoose any colour you like
Custom sounds for speed warningsxChoose a short audio file on your device for each speed warning if you wish
Day/Night modexChoose a different colour and brightness setting for day and night. There’s an Auto mode which automatically switches at sunrise and sunset
Edit speed and distance valuesxEdit speed and distance values, like odometer, trip and max speed
Elapsed time this tripxTap the clock to switch between the time and elapsed time. Can be set to count continuously or only when moving
Floating Window modexxDisplays on top of other apps
Graphical Compassxx
Greater precisionxFor common values like speed, average, maximum and trip
Hide unlit number segmentsxMake those empty digits disappear
Hide Window mode title barxAutomatically fades out after a few seconds
HUD modexxDisplay is mirrored
Landscape or Portrait displayxx
'Lite' modexxOnly show speed
Lock the screen rotationxxPrevent the screen turning when the device is laying on a vehicle dashboard
Maximum speed achievedxxStored until reset
More decimal placesxChoose the number of decimal places to show for values
MPH, KMH, KTSxxlong-press to change, or use the Menu item
Multiple 'Profiles'xCreate individual Profiles for different vehicles, modes of transport, running, walking etc. Each Profile stores its own data and settings which allows them to be completely separate. Switch between them with a couple of taps
PausexxSpeed will flash slowly when paused
Pins (save current location)xWant to save the current location for later?  Just tap the Pin icon when travelling. From the Pins list you can open the pin in a map or navigate to it with your chosen installed navigation app
Reset all valuesxxLong-press 'PAUSE RESET' icon
Reset individual valuesxxLong-press to reset
Route loggingxLog your routes and export to .KML, .GPX and .CSV file formats, or open in Google Earth if you have it installed. Shows start and end addresses so needs Internet access permission
Runs in the backgroundxx
Samsung’s Multi-Window & LG’s Dual-Window ModesxSplit the screen 50/50 between DigiHUD Pro and other apps (like Maps)
Satelite signal strength indicatorxxRed = worst, green = best
Set Window mode transparencyxMake the background invisible so that only the speed is shown
Show Altitudex
Show Android Status and Action barsxA setting allows you to choose if you want to show the status bar or the status and action bars. You can of course leave it at the default; full screen. Be careful…if you have no Menu button you might not be able to access the app’s Menu!
Show/hide individual valuesxxAvailable in the app Settings
Simple compassxTap compass for simple compass, bearing and odometer (tap again for graphical compass)
Speed offsetxAdjust the displayed value up or down (up to +/-20%). Useful if you’d like the app to match the speed of your vehicle
Speed to tenths of a unitxThe speed can be changed to show one decimal place
Unlimited Custom Speed WarningsxHave practically as many as you like. Set a colour, trigger speed, if there’s a continuous/single or no alert sound. Trigger on over-speed or under-speed
Speed warning when exceeding a set speedxChanges the speed to red, sound alert can be enabled if required
Speed with Google Map viewxSplits the screen between speed and a live Google Map showing your location. If logging is enabled then a trail is displayed, but as this is still an experimental feature the trail will be lost when the mode is changed again
Three trip metersxxTap to cycle between them
Turn off screen taps opening the MenuxThere’s a setting to turn them off but they’re on by default
Turn off warning dialogsxStop warning dialogs appearing for example when GPS is turned off
Use the device's brightness settingxx
‘Litespeed’xHave the display switch to Lite mode when you go over a specified speed. When travelling at high speed the speed becomes the most important information when you need your eyes on the road
‘Speedtouch Lock’xTurn off all screen touch detections over a chosen speed