What permissions does it need?

Only the minimum permissions required to provide the app’s features are requested.


  • Location. The app must have access to your GPS device, which android provides through the Location service. The only Required permission
  • Other
    • Draw over other apps. Required for Window Mode, otherwise optional
  • Wi-Fi connection information. Used by the anonymous usage reporting functions and can be revoked without detriment to the app’s functionality


  • Location, as above. The only Required permission
  • Photos/Media/Files. The route logging needs to be able to save the exported files to the device. Optional if exporting is not required
  • Storage
    • read the contents of your USB storage – Only required if you want to use a custom audio file for speed warnings
    • modify or delete the contents of your USB storage – as above (no files will be deleted or modified by DigiHUD Pro)
  • Other
    • Draw over other apps – Required for Window Mode, otherwise optional
    • Install shortcuts – Lets you create a homescreen shortcut to Window Mode
    • Read Google service configuration – Required by Google Play Services to enable Google Map
    • Full network access – Only required by the built-in Google Map and finding Pin addresses
    • Control vibration
    • View network connections

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