What is HUD mode?

HUD is an acronym for Heads-Up Display and is commonly used to describe a way for an aircraft’s instrumentation to be visible in the line of sight of the pilot.

By mirroring DigiHUD’s display and laying the device on the dashboard of a vehicle at night a similar output can be created.

Due to the relatively low light output of a phone or tablet, HUD mode may not be very visible in daylight. Also, due to the properties of laminated glass used in vehicle windscreens, a double image may be visible. Tinted film can be sourced and stuck to the windscreen which removes the double image and also make the HUD more visible in daylight. This film is usually supplied with commercial vehicle HUD devices but is easily available on the Internet.

Swipe the speed up or down to switch between Normal and Hud mode.

HUD mode

HUD mode

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