What is Window Mode?

Window mode lets you view DigiHUD’s speed output on top of any other app using a floating window.

It’s ideal when using a satellite navigation app (Like Google Navigation) but you want to show your speed, and possibly log your route (Pro only), using DigiHUD at the same time.

Window mode

Window mode

The window can be resized either by pinching or by resizing it using the handle in the bottom right corner of the window (much like a regular computer window). The window remembers it’s size and position for next time.

The Pro version also offers adjustable transparency for the title bar as well as the window itself, and hides unlit digit segments if this setting is enabled.


  1. Love it …. But in floating window mode, what are the tiny figures in the upper left corner? Mine appears to day 19:28 (which it isn’t cause just now it’s only 11:08? It also says MPH with a constant fig of 43 so it can’t be an average?

    1. Hi Roy. Glad you like window mode, I tend to use it a lot on top of Google Navigation.

      What you’re seeing is the app logo! I hadn’t thought that it might be read as part of the app, what with it being so tiny. I couldn’t work out at first where you’d seen 19:28,I’d forgotten it was part of the logo 😊

    1. Hi, Window Mode is only designed to show the speed. There are currently no plans to show additional information, however I’ve added it to the list of potential additions in the future.
      Best regards, James

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