Why does it just show speed in big numbers and nothing else?

If you have all other information turned on in Settings then it will be in ‘Lite’ mode, which only shows the speed.

There are three screen modes (ignoring Window mode for the purposes of this FAQ):

  • Fullscreen mode – Shows lots of useful information which can be shown/hidden in Settings
  • Map mode – half speed, half simple Google Map. No navigation or anything fancy, apart from traffic. (Pro version only)
  • Lite mode – only show your speed in nice big numbers

Swipe the speed left or right to change modes. The screens loop, so whichever way you swipe you’ll end up at the same mode after a couple of swipes.


    1. Hi, The latest version of Pro allows the Menu to be shown by long-press on the screen, if screen taps have been turned off in the Settings. The other alternative, which will reset all values and customisations, is to clear the App data in Android settings :/

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