I’ve swapped out the head unit in my new car for a brand I’d never heard of before – AutoPumpkin. It’s relatively low priced yet has plenty of features and connectivity options. I bought it because the unit that was in the car (a JDM Clarion) was a CD and Mini Disc player, but only Japanese Mini Discs..

I also wanted a DVD player to play movies on the rear roof mounted screen to keep the youngsters happy on long journeys. Having one that runs Android was also a win because I can run DigiHUD on a larger screen than my Galaxy S3s, and it just comes on automatically so no need to set it up when going for a drive. I play music over Bluetooth which can be controlled by my phone.

I plan to install a couple of blind-spot cameras later on which can be fed into the Pumpkin. It doesn’t have DAB radio (separete module is available) and the AV out is only for the DVD but overall I’m very happy indeed with the unit.

Android AutoPumpkin Quad Core

Android AutoPumpkin Quad Core head unit.