I’m gutted but alas my GLO is no more.

I knocked it off the kitchen unit onto the hard kitchen floor tonight and now it’s dead. Doesn’t power on or flash. Nothing.

I’ve tried everything I can think of to revive it but it’s showing no signs of life. There’s nothing rattling inside and it shows no visible signs of damage but even after popping the battery or charging on the USB cable it’s DOA.

Immediately ordered another one as I can’t bear to use the app without it.




I plan to get a video of two phones side by side in a car with one running the internal GPS receiver and the other running an external receiver but for now here’s a short video of the Pro version in a test mode, taken using screen capture.

It shows the difference in update speed very well but because it’s not in a car where you can see the road for reference it doesn’t give a good view of how the lag is reduced.

The test runs continuously from 0MPH to 121 and back to 0.