I had an email from Eric Lee over at Hudly to let me know that the team at Hudly are working on a sleek new wireless model and it’s up on Kickstarter now.

Go check it out here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ericshun/hudly-wireless-focus-on-the-road

DigiHUD looks great on it’s large 6.2″ display.


I received an email today from Hudly again thanking me for being a backer but also to say that backer’s units have now shipped.

I’m not sure how long it will take for my unit to make it’s way from the USA to the UK, hopefully not too long as I’m dying to get it installed and see first hand how well it works. I’ll probably have to pay import duty on it however.

I’m super excited to get my hands on Hudly, however I’m not sure yet if my Android LG G5 will be compatible with it as it uses MHL to connect Android devices. I’m sure I’ll be able to use my Galaxy SIII.

I’ll add a write-up on the unit to this blog after putting it through it’s paces.


Fancy getting Hudly?

You can get $50 off a Hudly until 17 May 2017 by using this link



As anyone who has tried to use DigiHUD’s HUD mode in the day will confirm, it’s not really usable because it get’s washed out to the point where it becomes invisible. Add to this the slight double image caused by the laminated glass and it’s a non-starter.

In order to work well in the day, commercially available HUD units have particularly bright displays (generally brighter than smartphone or tablet screens) and also a piece of slightly reflective film which is stuck to the inside of the windscreen. The film removes the double image and also allows the display to be seen in bright light.

Recently I picked up a piece of film from that popular Internet auction site to see if it improves DigiHUD’s HUD experience.

Here it is in the day.

I’ve attached it up high on the screen because the rake of the glass would mean the film was a bit too much in my line of sight for comfort. I will at some point 3D-Print a holder for my phone to sit on the dashboard.

So for a few pounds it makes a world of difference to using HUD mode in the day.


Hudly is a new full-colour heads-up display system that’s raising funds on Kickstarter right now so that it can go into mass-production later this year.

It comprises a projector unit and a glass ‘combiner’ which is used to display the full colour projected image in front of the driver.


DigiHUD, like other smartphone apps, works incredibly well with Hudly and we were so impressed to see it in action.

Hudly also connects to the vehicle diagnostic (OBD2) port to show information right from the ECU, like fuel quantity remaining, engine revs, outside temperature, mpg etc.

It’s recently been featured in the press, including TechCrunch, TopGear, Stuff.tv and GadgetFlow.

DigiHUD is proud to be a backer of Hudly. The Kickstarter, which tells you everything you need to know about Hudly can be found via this link.

Update: To help raise awareness of the campaign, the free version of DigiHUD now includes a simple popup which links directly to the Kickstarter. This one-time popup is shown the first time HUD mode is selected. It’s also available from the Menu.