DigiHUD (free) Release notes, v1.5.3.1 (05/07/2020)

This update fixes a crash in Window Mode, improves the screen layout slightly and removes the navigation bar for true full screen viewing. Unfortunately I’ve had to remove a feature too, so let’s address that first.

Background running removed

I’ve always wanted DigiHUD to be able to run in the background. For my own use it’s great I can start the app, reset the values and drop it in my pocket knowing that my walk will be recorded. It’s caused some confusion though, especially for people who don’t expect it to carry on running when they hit Home, but generally it’s been seen as a great feature.

Google have recently, and quite rightly, started to crack down on what apps can do with the device Location. Starting in Android 10 (P), apps that need to access the device Location in the background must specifically request permission and only to perform a function that the app relies upon for normal operation. In August this year all new Play Store apps will be reviewed by Google to ensure they have a very good reason to access Location in the background, and in November all existing apps will be reviewed. Any apps that can’t meet the new requirements will have to stop using background location or be removed from the Play Store.

Even if you can justify using it, Google are placing restrictions on the frequency that background location can be received, here’s a quote from their guidance (linked to below):

If background location access is essential for your app, keep in mind that Android preserves device battery life by setting background location limits on devices that run Android 8.0 (API level 26) and higher. On these versions of Android, if your app is running in the background, it can receive location updates only a few times each hour.

Google Developer documentation

For a speedometer app, this frequency of updates is as good as useless. The majority of DigiHUD users are using Android 8 or later. I’m not prepared to provide a feature that I know is not accurate as this would undermine confidence in the app and have a negative impact on it’s reputation, so this has unfortunately forced my hand and I’ve removed background running from the app. I’m very unhappy about having to make this change but have no other option.

Improved layout

There’s an improvement to the speed digit layout as I felt the speed wasn’t taking up as much space as it could (or deserved). The digits can now resize to fill the space available. There’s still more to do in the future with regards to layout.

Show two digits under 100

Driving as I do in the UK there aren’t many occasions when I need a speedometer that goes above 100 mph. Travelling in France it was fine as I was regularly driving above 100 kmh. So, for day to day driving it’s pointless the app showing me three speed digits, especially in portrait mode where the digits are small anyway. That’s why I’ve added a new setting “Always show three speed digits?“. It’s unchecked by default, but if you always want three speed digits then just check it.

DigiHUD free

True full screen view

The navigation bar will slide out of view after a second or two to give a true full screen view of the app (removing the annoying bright bar which is distracting in nighttime use. Tapping the screen will show the navigation bar again. Available on supported devices.