Internal Vs external GPS receiver

I plan to get a video of two phones side by side in a car with one running the internal GPS receiver and the other running an external receiver but for now here’s a short video of the Pro version in a test mode, taken using screen capture.

It shows the difference in update speed very well but because it’s not in a car where you can see the road for reference it doesn’t give a good view of how the lag is reduced.

The test runs continuously from 0MPH to 121 and back to 0.



    1. Hi. No I haven’t, once I tried the GLO I found that it just worked perfectly for what I wanted with a really nice small size. When I dropped and killed it I just bought another without a second thought it was so good.

      Looking at Holux products they do look interesting, like having built in GPS logging and 20 hour battery life.

      1. I bought one and just tested it, its perfect dude, the battery lasted 22 hours, and it made the digihud impressive, bought RCV-3000, used the same tutorial you used for GLO to pair it.

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